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If you need access to Initial and Secondary Public Offering data, EDGAR Online Pro offers the largest database of current and historical offerings available. Get key details like company financials, offering price, number of shares offered, and lockup and quiet period expirations for both IPOs and SPOs going back to 1997. Underwriters, auditors, and detailed deal data is searchable by multiple criteria.

EDGAR Online Pro delivers essential decision-making information with one-click access, and makes tools and services available that make it easy to find the data you need, including:

My Searches: Instant notification of new filings delivered via email or on-screen popup alerts keep you on top of the latest company announcements, changes, and updates.

Word & Excel Downloading: Save and output data quickly and easily, in the format you need to use. Create analyses and reports without manual re-keying.

Institutional and Insider Holdings: Get the most up-to-date access to the equity information filed by over 2,000 institutional investors on over 17,500 securities, and insider transactions both real-time and historical. Standardized Financial Data and Ratios: Scan current and historical financial performance by viewing key data from Income, Cash Flow and Balance Sheets. Easily and quickly compare and conduct peer analyses for up to 5 companies at a time with a single keystroke.

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